- Article in the HYPER REV - PRIUS
Magazine Vol.136 - Feb/2009 -

Partial translation of the article on page 209 :
The ancestor for the additional meters in the Prius, brought to you from America.
How can you get it?
The source for this MPG dinosaur ( word play on Zaurus ) - Attila's application - is available as a freeware.
Please refer to the blog sites made by followers and supporters on how to install it.
You can still get a Zaurus from auctions, however the cable for the CAN connector is hard to obtain.
You need to get it from the other users or make it by yourself.

It than describes the different parts of the screen and mentions, that it is easy
to perceive when the car is consuming gasoline / petrol / benzin. The article also mentions
that a voice announcement is used and it is very convenient.

Originally developed by Prius owner Attila in America. It is based on his "My Can" Project.
This is the first prototype that can display car information on the Prius.
Attila's application became the base of other applications, however, since it uses imperial
measurements (miles), it was a bit difficult to use for the Japanese. Attila's comment : the software
by DEFAULT uses SI measurements (KM/L) which than get converted to imperial. The conversion is
available by commandline...
One prius owner developed a Japanese patch and others did testings
as volunteer work to make it easier to use. This application has lots of things which others don't
have, like the voice and door open and lots of others.

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