- My TOMY Aero Soarer R/C Plane -

I picked up this plane at Narita airport ( Hakuhinkan Toypark ) on 20/Oct/2006. I paid 2625 Yen. Here is the Japanese website on it.
2006 Október 20-én a tókiói reptéren vettem egy másik kis repülöt. Ez a kis 3.5 grammos repcsi 2625 Yent böven megért...

The package has the plane already assembled, I only had to get batteries, charge it and start flying! It uses infrared for control, thus flying outside is quite challenging due to the sun's IR rays ( and the occasional breeze which sends it tumbling uncontrollably ). Yes, it is an in-door plane, but for that, it's superb!

It weighs an unbelievable 3.5 grams, made mostly of styrofoam.

It has a tiny electric motor and an electro-magnet controlled rudder. Charging time is around 40 seconds which gives about 30 seconds flight time. Turning radius is around 3 meters.

That electro-magnet is tiny, yet works unbelievably well! Check the below movies for demonstration:

- Movies -

Introducing the controls.
( 2.33 MB )

The Recharge Signal
melody. ( 2.33 MB )

Flying high...
( 4.65 MB )

Here is an other little movie
on an other flight. ( 4.17 MB )

Flying, catching and crashing...
( 4.42 MB )

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