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I ordered these for me and a couple of my friends from uBid.com on 27/Feb/2007. It came out to be about $15 each.
2007 Február 27-én rendeltem ezeket a gépeket a uBid.com-ról. Így csak kb. $15-ba került darabja, amiket a kollégáimmal megosztottunk.

The package contains all the necessary parts and instructions to assemble it.

First thing to do, check if we have everything...

Fix the wing tips with the provided parts.
( Check which piece goes where, as the front and rear ones are different! )

Attach the wing to the body with the provided screw...

Move on to the tail wing. After peeling off the adhesives, press the wing onto the tail section. Push the top cover on it and thread the screws through from the bottom while mounting the wheel as well.

Done. It's surprisingly big...

On the right you can see my battery mod, it enables flying using rechargeable AA / AAA combination as well, albeit not as powerful as the included 7.2V/950mAh battery, it buys about 2~5 minutes extra flight time compared to the ~15 minutes... Charging time for the pack is a couple of hours...

It was actually quite fun flying it, adjusting the rear flaps were critical. Check out the movie below:

The first flight movie. 1min 22sec.
( 320x240/358Kbps - 3.56 MB )

The first flight movie... High Resolution
( 640x480/1.5Mbps - 14.9 MB )

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