- My New Horn for the Leaf -

Since I couldn't stand the old horn ( too wimpy ), I decided to swap it out with something more "significant"...
In order to get to the horn, one needs to remove the big black cover at the front...

In order to do that, we need to remove the pegs first as such.

Once removed, we can remove the big, plastic piece.

This is how it looks once removed.

Removed and folded up the coolant overflow tank to get access to the horn.

There it is! Look at how tiny! No wonder it makes that puny sound.

It took no effort to remove it.

This is the Volo 320 2T dual horn. Cost me $20. It is also 12V and fairly low amp.

Needless to say, it can't fit "as is" there... It is also heavier than the original one, so I need to make a
little platform... Luckily, there was an other whole which I was able to use to support the weight.

Assembled to the platform and wired up, ready to be mounted!

This is how it looks now, and below is a short video to compare the 2 sounds :

1.4 MB - 9 seconds - mpeg4 movie

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