- Asante Voyager I IP Camera -

I have been looking for a decent IP camera for quite some time now,
I've tried lots of them, kept a few, but they all had problems,
such as low resolution ( 640x480 ). I was very excited to finally find
the Voyager I, which was fairly close to what I needed :
  • "High" Resolution ( 1280x1024 )
  • Affordable ( ~$100 )
  • Nigh mode with active IR illuminators
  • On/Off for streaming, thus limiting magnetic field / radio emissions :

    That's 2mG at 2 feet... Very much acceptable...

    Unfortunately it also had some limitations :
  • Accessible from Internet Explorer only.
  • No IR filter option, when I want to use it for outdoors.
  • Constant 240mA current draw, no matter what.

    The tasks were obvious; if I can overcome those perceived
    limitations, this camera can be the best webcam out there...

    ... and this is how the whole thing started ...

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