- IR Filter Installation for the Voyager I -

This modification VOIDS the warranty, proceed at your own risk only.

The first thing I needed was a IR filter.
You can find these usually in normal cameras, such as point-and-shoots.
"Luckily", Ági's Canon PowerShot SX100 was dropped by a friend, rendering it useless...

As every decent engineer would, I took it apart :

I carefully removed the sensor with the IR filter on it :

Next thing was to disassemble the Voyager :

After taking the board out, the camera is accessible :

After removing the daughter board and the lens :

After removing the IR filter ( blue glass ) from the old sensor :

I glued the IR filter on the Voyager's sensor.
I know, it's not a good looking one, but luckily the IR filter was a
lot bigger than the sensor, giving me plenty a room for being sloppy...

This 30 minutes process turned this...

...into this :

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