- Weather-proofing the Voyager I for outdoor use -

After the IR filter installation, it was now possible to take very good pictures of the outdoors.
Since the Voyager I was designed as an indoor camera, I had to think a bit on how to put it
outside, where the elements can have serious impacts on its non-protected electronics.

I found this floodlight at Home Depot for $13 :

After trying to fit the camera in that small space,
I realized that there wasn't enough space on the side for
the power connector, so re-routed it with a new connector :

I put in a screw to hold the camera :

Than holes for the antenna and ventillation :

I used lawnmower fuel hose to route the air safely, so rain can't get in :

Put the camera in, fixed it to the box with the screw on the back :

Re-connected the power :
( Note the extra holes on the camera's casing for better cooling )

Sealed all the connecting pieces using a hot glue gun:

This is how it looks now from the back. Note the black irrigation
'L' connector ($2) for rotating the light into a vertical position :

The little window makes it easy to clean and focus :

And the final product ready for outdoor installation :

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