- Our Digital Picture Frame Plus -
- Final Assembly -

Glued in the external USB connector.

Installed the laptop speakers.

Padded the supports for the LCD with insulating tape.

Installed the motherboard with plastic spacers and screws, fixed the
wireless card, the CF-HDD and the old touchpad to the board and made
the 2 old mouse buttons accessible through the venting holes to be
able to change display modes. See In Use for more info...
( Here is a High Res Image )

Connected the speakers on the other side.
( Here is a High Res Image )

Used hot glue to make sure the motherboard
support screws don't come loose...

Put in the LCD and connected it to the board.

Linux boots in less than 10 seconds!

Have X running! Now it's time to write the application!

I coded up a basic picture flipbook software in no
time, to test the look and feel.

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