- Our Digital Picture Frame Plus -
- The Software -

Agi's design notes.

Protoyping the Look & Feel in Photoshop.

This is how the first version looked.

In the current version, the text display has been upgraded and the positions
of the moon and sun are displayed in the upper right corner...
( Click on the picture for the full resolution png image )

Blending the information display with the pictures behind are fully supported,
where all the artwork and scalable fonts have 8-bit alpha maps :

Note the partial occlusions with the rays and the cloud.

Girls and text behind a thickening cloud.

Magnified to see the rays.

Even the lightning is properly blended.

Depth of field effects on the raindrops.

The phase of the Moon and the positions of the Sun and
the Moon are computed in real-time.

There is a running information sticker showing different phases of the update
process while aquiring the information. Very useful to see what's happening...
( WUp - Web Updating : NwRs - Network check and reset : W[12] - Weather information
FC - Forecast : ISS - International Space Station : IRD - Iridium flares )

There are 4 display modes : "Full Information Mode"
( The Moon is displayed after sunset and there was no Iridium Flare visible for this day. )

"Picture Blend Mode"

"WebCam Mode" with showing select locations realtime.
( Avoiding sites where copyrights forbid usage )
After 2 minutes, "Picture Blend Mode" with detailed
information is shown for a minute, than an other webcam
location is chosen and shown for 2 minutes... looping...

"Picture Only Mode"

"Simple Weather Information Mode"

It is part of our living room now!

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