- My HOLUX GPSlim240 Battery Hack -

Although I love my HOLUX GPSlim240 little GPS Receiver, I made a mistake of not
charging its Li-Ion battery for about 6 months, which resulted in a serious voltage drop,
which of course led to a dead battery. After reading a couple of posts, it turns out that the
battery in the GPSlim240 can not be replaced and the manifacturer suggest to buy
a new receiver. Well, I don't have that kind of money, so I embarked on a little
exploratory surgery, hoping that I might be able to resurrect my little gadget :

After close inspection, I found no secret hinges or screws, so
I started prying it open gently at the switch...

It gave little resistance and the glue let the 2 parts separate,
exposing the GPS circuit.

Next step was to remove the black plastic casing, again
the glue gave little resistance...

The battery is glued to the bottom half.

These are the components, bottom is the Li-Ion battery.
No wonder the manifacturer does not want to replace the battery....

The battery barely gave half-a-Volt, so it was dead, very dead.
( If a 3V Li-Ion goes below 2.4V, you can throw it away )

Since the connector to the circuit board was special,
I de-soldered it from the battery control circuit.

I modified a 4 battery compartment to connect only 3, which lead
to an acceptable ~3.6V as I use 1.2V rechargable batteries.
After a quick test, the GPSlim240 was alive again, blinking happily...

I made space for the GPSlim in the empty battery compartment.
It is not a perfect fit, but after a bit of tooling around with
my BREMEL rotary, it started looking OK...

I put an electric tape to cover the protruding part of the GPSlim,
than cut the lid of the battery holder to accomodate it.

It looks OK, needless to say, it shouldn't be called GPSlim anymore,
but GPFat or similar, but it works again quite well. It can not be
charged through the USB port anymore, but it's quite easy to
replace the rechargeable batteries...

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