- My LED Lighting Experiments -

First step, buy 1 kilogram ( ~2 pounds ) of prefabricated LED blocks in Akihabara.

Each of these blocks have 3 sub-blocks with 9 LEDs assigned.
These blocks consume about 80mA at 12V.

Because they are sold in bulk, they have some QA issues...
So, first I checked and sorted them by quality.

As the next step, I cut out a base-plate from plywood.

Oh, that tedious and boring mounting of those
22 LED blocks took about 2 hours...
Cutting... filing... checking... drilling... mounting... times 22!

The wiring wasn't a really challenging task either...

But boy, was it worth it! Quite a bright light all right!
594 LEDs consuming a mere 22W !

I also made a desktop version with 6 blocks.
These 162 LEDs consume about 6W only...

...while being a perfectly capable night light!

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