- PlayStation® 3 Cabinet Fan Installation -

Although I love my PlayStation® 3, it can not tolerate closed spaces that well.
Don't take this project in the wrong way, it was working correctly and I never had
a problem related to heat with it, I just though I'll help it breath easier...
An added benefit of course is keeping that noise generated by the built-in fan at bay.
Since I wanted the external fan to be quiet and powered by USB, I went for a big, yet
low current consumption fan. My choice was the SilenX Ixtrema 120mm fixed rpm fan :

This was $24 at Fry's, 1400RPM 90CFM and 0.32A at 12V.

It came with this converter which I hooked up to a salvaged USB cable.

I made holes at the back of the cabinet, where the PS3 sits.

Mounted the fan with the supplied rubber pegs, thus the
vibration related noise is almost non existent.

Soldered the connections to the USB +5 and GND ( red and black ),
minding the polarity. It's worth testing before soldering...

Hooked up the fan to the PS3 and gave it a try. It worked.
Air flow is LEAVING the cabinet.

Installed the PS3 back in the cabinet and also added a little blue
PVC block to make sure that the right side sucks air from the front...
I have been running this configuration for over 24 hours continously
without any problem. The PS3 is as cool temperature wise as it looks...

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