- Our New Spray-Paintings -

  • We trimmed the tree in our little garden, so we ended up with leaves and branches
    which we didn't really want to just throw away. I chopped up the bigger
    branches to be used in winter in the fireplace. but what about the rest?!
  • We also wanted to change the look of our living room a bit, thus decided to
    take off the old decorations and wanted to put on some nice paintings.
    We decided to do a little experiment :
    Combine the 2 tasks by making a painting
    using the leftover branches and leaves :

    Now, here is the process :

    After describing the basic process, Lexie and Cassie "went crazy" with ideas,
    how and where the leaves should be positioned, what colors we should be using...

    For the living room, we decided to use a 3 canvas design :
    Chop up a branch and "spread it" across neighboring surfaces.

    First I layed down a brown patch where the branch will go.

    Spray-painted the rest with different colored patches.

    Positioned the branch and some leaves on the dried paint.

    For better contour, I weighed the leaves down with rocks.

    Spray-painted the whole canvas with yellow paint, using
    the branch and the leaves as a natural mask.

    Let it dry and air for a few days...

    Painted the edges with bright yellow to frame the whole painting.

    Using my little router I made room for the nails for hanging.

    Mounted the teeth making the painting ready to be hung.

    Ta-da... It looks quite nice in our living room now!
    We have a little piece of our tree on our wall!

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