- Easter Island -

Rapa Nui


Ceremonial Site of Orongo
The Main Quarry, Rano Raraku volcano
15 standing moais at Ahu Tongariki
Anakena beach
Other EI snapshots
Orongo Rano Raraku Tonga Riki Anakena Puna Pau Ahu To Ko Te Riku Ahu Akapu Hanga Roa harbour Ahu Te Peu Mataveri Airport

Quick Facts :

Island Surface = 180 km^2
Location = W109'26" S27'09"
Annual Average Temperature = 20.3 C
Warmest month = February (28 C)
Coldest month = August (15 C)
Rainy month = May 153mm
Population = 2891
Distance from Chile = 3700 kms
Currency = American Dollar & Chilean Pesos

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